Jigsaw Name 7 Letters

Jigsaw Name 7 Letters


Jigsaw Name 7 Letters

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Product Description

Jigsaw Name 7 Letters

Jigsaw Name 7 Letters

7 Letter Personalised Colourful Handcrafted Jigsaw Name.

It’s simple…we love what we make so you can love what you give…

We are an Irish family craft company based in Castlemaine, Co. Kerry, Ireland

We specialise in creating beautiful bespoke personalised handmade gifts and crafts.

Including personalised wooden plaques and gifts.
When you want to give somebody something meaningful, unique and thoughtful.

Our handmade personalised gifts are perfect.

Personalised gifts for occasions such as the arrival of a new baby, weddings, new home, birthday or anniversaries.
Please let us know of any special requirements and we will be happy to help you out.
Love, care and attention are put into everything we make.

Over the last few years we have built up a loyal customer base which is growing bigger every day.


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