Pebble Family on Wood.


Pebble Family on Wood.


Pebble Family on Wood.
A cute plaque made with Co Kerry beach pebbles glued to a blue washed board.
We use sandstone beach pebbles for the figures and dark pebbles for the family name/wording.

The pebbles can be arranged as a couple with just two pebbles. (2)

Also available as two parents + one child (2+1)

Two parents + two children….(2+2),

Two parents + three children….(2+3),

Up to two parents + four children….(2+4),

All pebbles are picked to suit by ourselves.

A unique gift. No two pebbles are the same.

The first left hand pebble figure will always be the tallest, reducing in size after that unless otherwise requested

These are stuck using strong glue to a blue washed piece of pine board.

Pine board is 17cm wide x 9cm high x 15mm thick.

We choose dark pebbles to hand write the family name with white acrylic paint markers.

Full wording is required for this dark top pebble.

If     Murphy     is written , we write Murphy.

If     The Murphy Family    is written , we write  The Murphy Family etc…  

We embellish each plaque with randomly placed coloured flowers.

All the pebbles get a few coats of  water based varnish with an airbrush.

The plaque hangs with blue hemp cord.

All the pebbles are picked by us early in the morning when they are at their freshest 😜on the beaches of Kerry.

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Pebble Family on Wood.